National Context

In the Netherlands, every company (from sole proprietorship to multinational) should be able to make use of all benefits of eProcurement in an easy way. They should be free to choose the solution that suits them the best.

About the use of Peppol

The mission statement of the Netherlands Peppol Authority (NPA) is to ensure that there is a safe, reliable, interoperable generic digital infrastructure for exchanging eProcurement messages.

This infrastructure uses the European eDelivery building blocks provided by Peppol. With this, the exchange of eProcurement messages is facilitated in a simple way for all businesses and governments.

The NPA wants to achieve that all governments and businesses (B2B, B2G, G2B, G2G) exchange messages electronically, aiming at:

  • raising the efficiency of administration within organisations
  • reducing the digitalisation gap between small enterprises and large corporates
  • increasing sustainability of the processes in the procurement chain
  • promoting choice in services or software suppliers

Peppol Authority

Since 1st October 2020, the Peppol Authority is part of the Dutch government in the Netherlands. The new organisation is called the Netherlands Peppol Authority (NPA).

The NPA actively carries out the responsibilities of a Peppol Authority and works with the following core values:

  • freedom of choice
  • safe
  • accessible
  • reliable
  • interoperable

Each PA in participating countries can agree specific national requirements with approval by OpenPeppol. The Peppol Authority Specific Requirements for Netherlands can be found here.

Use of Peppol in Netherlands

While the use of Peppol for eInvoicing is not mandatory in the Netherlands, the central government strongly advises the use Peppol for eInvoicing.

The entire central government and most of non-central government is connected to Peppol, and so is an increasing number of businesses.

The NPA is encouraging all activities that increases the publicity of Peppol.

The NPA has defined specific requirements for SPs providing Access Point (AP) or Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) services in the Netherlands. These are contained in the Peppol Authority Specific Requirements, which can be found in the Library here.

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