To send and receive electronic documents through the peppol network, you need a service provider and not a membership. You may find a service provider through the members list

You may apply for membership by sending an email to: 

If you’re applicable for Peppol membership, we will send you a PDF, which you must then fill out to start the membership application procedure. 


On application, Peppol Authority and Service Provider candidate members must nominate which of the four Domain Communities in which they will participate:

  • eDeC – eDelivery Community
  • PoAC – Post Award Community
  • PrAC – Pre Award Community
  • CTCC – CTC Community

Please note that participation in:

  • eDeC is mandatory for all Peppol Authorities and Service Providers
  • PoAC is mandatory for all Post Award Service Providers
  • PrAC is mandatory for all Pre Award Service Providers

In addition to the mandatory participation requirements, Peppol Authorities, Service Providers and End User members may also choose to participate in any other Domain Community