National Context

In Iceland, electronic invoicing is mandatory for suppliers of goods and services to public authorities. All public authorities and agencies are Peppol-enabled, and capable of receiving electronic invoices through the Peppol network, using the Peppol BIS specifications.

Invoicing between private enterprises through the Peppol network is also increasing rapidly. The Icelandic EDI community has approved guidelines for migrating from EDIFACT documents to Peppol BIS and will move message handing to the Peppol Network in the near future.

About the use of Peppol

In 2013, the Ministry of Finance issued Regulation 505/2013, to clarify issues on electronic invoicing and enable electronic invoicing through service providers, thereby establishing the four-corner model of exchange. In 2018, the Ministry also issued Regulation 252/2018, mandating public authorities to build receiving capabilities for electronic invoices based on Peppol BIS.

Peppol Authority

The Icelandic Financial Management Authority became the Icelandic Peppol Authority in 2020, but there is a long history of prior Peppol use in the country. Peppol Service providers were established, together with support for Peppol BIS and CEN BII document formats back in 2012.

Each PA in participating countries can agree specific national requirements with approval by OpenPeppol. The Peppol Authority Specific Requirements for Iceland can be found here.

Use of Peppol in Iceland

The Icelandic standard is responsible for the localisation of some Peppol BIS documents and has published guidelines for implementation in Icelandic. The XML specifications for these documents follow the Peppol BIS methodology and structure. They have been approved and published as Technical Specifications, under the management of Icelandic Standards, according to guidelines from CEN on developing technical specifications.

The Icelandic Financial Management Authority has defined specific requirements for SPs providing Access Point (AP) or Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) services in Iceland. These are contained in the Peppol Authority Specific Requirements, which can be found in the Library here.

Further information

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