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Peppol Network documentation

In the table below, you will find links to technical documentation that defines the implementation of the Peppol Network. Compliance with the specifications is mandatory.

These documents provide the necessary resources to enable access to the Peppol Network and to implement the following components:

  • Access Points, which are gateways that provide a standardised and secure mechanism to exchange different document types within and across geographical domains
  • Service Metadata Publishers (SMPs), who provide the exact location and capabilities of Peppol participants
  • The Service Metadata Locator (SML), which maintains participant IDs and provides a DNS-based mechanism to discover the SMP where the data for a specific participant can be found.

Please submit any requests for changes to the Service Desk.

eDeliveryDocument name
GuidesAccess Point implementation guides
Access Point Acceptance Test and onboarding user guide
Introduction to PKI certification (to be updated)
Updating SML with new SMP certificate
SpecificationsService Metadata Locator (SML)
Service Metadata Publisher (SMP)
Business Message Envelope (SBDH)
AS4 Profile
Peppol Directory
Peppol Punch Out Login & Transmission Specification
ToolseDelivery Code Lists
eDelivery Code Lists Change Log
eDelivery Change Log
Transport Infrastructure Documentation (To be updated)
Links to software – Access Points
Links to software – SMPs
PoliciesTransport Security
Use of Identifiers
ICT Transport Trust Infrastructure Certificate