As a peppol-certified service provider, you gain access to a bigger market, reduced operational costs and the ability to onboard clients fast


Our four-corner model eliminates the need for end-to-end testing, making it quick to onboard large numbers of clients.

Our well-defined governance and standards ensure that Peppol implementation is straightforward. And our secure network specifications provide stability, while keeping things simple with standard formats.

These efficiencies combine to substantially lower your operating cost, translating into huge savings for major players and more affordable operations for start-ups entering the market.

Quick Facts:

Peppol is the name of our Interoperability Framework. OpenPeppol is the name of our organisation

Value-added services

Standardising the way information is structured and exchanged creates opportunities for new value-added services.

Peppol-accredited Service Providers could, in the future, offer analytics on data that their clients generate. There is scope for the development of supply chain financing. These are just two examples of potential additional services that can be developed by fast-moving technology providers.

Plus, by joining OpenPeppol and signing up with a Peppol Authority, you become part of a supportive global community.

In short, we provide a set of document and network specifications that integrate global business processes. And we deliver the governance to make it work, through a binding legal agreement structure that ensures compliance among all Peppol participants.

Peppol invites you to be at the forefront of innovation.


Peppol continues to expand because government organisations and private businesses want an open and standardised way to do business.

This demand creates opportunity for Peppol-accredited Service Providers.

Closed (or ‘three-corner’) networks require buyers and sellers to connect via the same service provider. The response from many organisations has been to simply avoid electronic trading altogether. Instead, they continue to exchange documents manually as, for example, PDF attachments. This is inefficient but can be easier than having to connect to multiple networks to reach multiple buyers and sellers.

Peppol provides the interoperability to change that.

Four-corner model

Our interoperable, four-corner network allows buyers and suppliers to connect once via any Peppol-accredited Service Provider to reach and exchange standardised business documents with anyone else connected to the Peppol network.

More and more organisations are adopting Peppol and moving on from the manual exchange of business documents.

This creates a much bigger market for everyone.

And, when you become part of the Peppol Network, you can be sure that you are providing your clients with the best available solution.

We welcome you to join our global network.

Key Benefits

  • Access to a much bigger market

An opportunity to expand across borders

  • Secure network

Implementing common standards using standard specifications

  • Building trust

Private businesses and government organisations want to do business in an open and transparent way

  • Quick to onboard new clients

No need for end-to-end testing

  • Governance

Well-defined processes and agreements make Peppol adoption straightforward

  • Innovation

Opportunity to develop new services keep Peppol members at the forefront of eDocument exchange