Whether you are a private business or a public organisation, Peppol is your gateway to fast, secure, borderless trade


Supporting Business-to-Government and Business-to-Business trading, Peppol connects organisations through a network of Peppol-accredited Service Providers, removing barriers to electronic trading created by closed ‘three-corner’ networks.

Peppol is not a portal, or a provider of exchange services. Peppol is an enabler. Any organisation can send and receive business documents across the Peppol Network via their chosen Peppol-accredited Service Provider.

In short, we provide a set of document specifications that integrate global business processes. And we deliver the governance to make it work.

Quick Facts:

OpenPeppol is a non-profit organisation established in Belgium


By automating manual processes, you reduce human error and drive down the cost per transaction (for example in eInvoicing).

Time previously spent querying invoices and searching for information on non-standard business documents can now be put to better use. Say goodbye to PDF attachments and filing cabinets full of paper.

Standardising the way information is structured and exchanged makes you more secure against fraud. The data you generate using Peppol is digital and searchable.

As well as invoices and purchase orders, Peppol has the potential to automate the exchange of any kind of business document, between any organisation, anywhere in the world.

Whether you are a private business, small or large, or a public body, our goal is to drive growth and efficiency savings by enabling frictionless trade for everyone.

Our unique four-corner model

The Peppol four-corner model is a game changer.

The old three-corner model requires senders and receivers to connect through the same service provider. This restricts choice because buyers may dictate which service provider can be used, resulting in suppliers having to use multiple systems to reach multiple customers.

With Peppol, both buyers and sellers only need one service provider to trade, whether at home or abroad.

All Peppol-accredited Service Providers can send and receive Peppol-based eDocuments. That means you are free to choose the service provider that suits you best.

Plus, by connecting organisation across disparate systems, Peppol creates a bigger pool of potential trading partners – a truly global, borderless network.

Connect once

Peppol provides a shared language and a set of specifications with which to do business.

No more end-to-end testing. No need to use multiple systems and formats to trade electronically. No more mountains of paper.

That is why hundreds of thousands of public and private organisations across the world already use Peppol.

Use the ‘join’ link to find a complete list of all Peppol-accredited Service Providers. Ask your chosen provider about how to get started with Peppol.

Quick Facts:

While buyers and suppliers do not need to become members of OpenPeppol to use the Peppol Network and Specifications, joining enables you to directly influence the future development of Peppol.

Key Benefits

  • Get paid faster, increase efficiency, reduce costs

Automating manual processes reduces human error and drives down the cost per transaction

  • Make your data work for you

The information that you receive is standardised in a digital format, making it easy to interrogate

  • Connect once

A single Peppol-accredited Service Provider is all you need to reach all organisations on our global network

  • Freedom of choice

An ever-increasing network of hundreds of Peppol-enabled Service Providers lets you choose the service provider that best suits your needs

  • Shared language

Peppol specifications are based on common international standards, providing interoperability

  • Secure document exchange

Using the Peppol Network and Specification provides security and minimises risks of fraud

  • Efficiency

Time previously spent querying invoices and searching for information can now be put to better use

  • Expanding range of business documents

Easy to adopt for eInvoicing and other core procurement tasks, Peppol also has the potential to handle other document types