Full membership of OpenPeppol is open to three main organisation types

  • Policy Enablers
    • Government entities acting as Peppol Authorities
  • Service Providers
    • Access Point Providers
    • Service Metadata Publishers
    • Pre-Award Service Providers
  • End Users
    • public and private sector buyers
    • suppliers
    • other end users of Peppol-based services

We also encourage other associations, academic institutions, trade bodies and related IT solution providers to join the OpenPeppol community as Observers. As Associate Members, Observers may attend OpenPeppol meetings but are not eligible to vote or take up elected positions.

Quick Facts:
  • End Users are not required to become members of OpenPeppol to send or receive Peppol-based messages
  • End Users that become OpenPeppol members can participate in our End User Community to influence the development and reach of Peppol


By becoming a member of OpenPeppol, public and private sector organisations have a unique opportunity to join forces and drive the adoption of common standards, process automation and connectivity around the world

OpenPeppol members can:

  • influence the adoption of common standards
  • ensure the relevance and usability of Peppol specifications and services
  • influence the expansion of Peppol specifications into new areas of use
  • access a wide group of large and small organisations from a variety of public and private sectors

Members of OpenPeppol communities can:

  • attend and vote at the General Assembly
  • apply for appointment to elected positions
  • join regular face-to-face and web community meetings
  • join work groups established within a community


Members of OpenPeppol are expected to participate, on a volunteer basis, in the activities of relevant Domain and Stakeholder Communities to ensure a collaborative approach to the work of the Association.

As a condition of membership, all OpenPeppol members and associate members shall:

  • accept the Statutes of the Association
  • pay the relevant subscription fees

More details about the Statutes and Agreements can be found by following the ‘Support’ link below.

Additionally, full members shall, as a minimum:

  • join their relevant Stakeholder Community
  • in the case of Peppol Authorities, join the eDelivery Community
  • in the case of Service Providers, join the eDelivery and at least one other Domain Community

Members may also optionally participate in additional Domain Communities in line with their areas of interest.