Operational Procedures

Operational Procedures

A number of operating procedures has been developed to expand on the legal obligations assumed through the Peppol agreements and the rules and provisions in the OpenPeppol Internal Regulations for the use of the Peppol Network.

The Operational Procedures were approved by the OpenPeppol Managing Committee in its MC161 meeting on 15.02.2022 as part of the Peppol Interoperability Framework.

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Change Management

OP – Change Management_v1.0_APPROVED 2022.02.15

Approved by the MC in the MC161 meeting on 15 February 2022

Extended Use

OP – Extended Use_v1.0_APPROVED 2022.02.15

Issue Reporting and Management

OP – Issue Reporting and Management_v1.0_APPROVED 2022.02.15

Non-compliance Management

OP – Non-compliance Management_v1.0_APPROVED 2022.02.15

Onboarding and Accreditation of Peppol Service Providers

OP – Onboarding and Accreditation of Peppol Service Providers_v1.0_APPROVED 2022.02.15

Peppol Authority Specific Requirements

OP – Peppol Authority Specific Requirements_v1.0_APPROVED 2022.02.15

Reporting of Statistics

OP – Reporting_v1.0_APPROVED 2022.02.15