Peppol Authority Specific Requirements

A Peppol Authority (PA) is allowed to define Peppol Authority Specific Requirements (PASR) applicable to the use of the Peppol Network within its jurisdiction.

The new PA Specific Requirements are nοw approved in their new version and replace the ones that were stated in Annex 5 of the old TIA.

With the new Peppol Interoperability Framework, PASR apply automatically across the Peppol Network to all Service Providers that offer services (have sender and/or receiver customers) located within the jurisdiction of a Peppol Authority.

The current PASR are the result of a long process started in the end of 2021, with a public review taking place for the first time. After taking into account the comments submitted during the review process, the Managing Committee approved the PASR on 21 July 2022.

You can find all documents related to Peppol Specific Requirements for each country here.