National Context

In Denmark, electronic invoicing is mandatory for suppliers of goods and services when doing business with public authorities and public institutions. Invoice senders have the option of sending their invoices in the either Peppol or the national OIOUBL format. 

Public sector invoice recipients must support both, so senders have full discretion in the choice of format. There is currently no mandate for B2B invoicing, nor for any other business documents

About the use of Peppol

In Denmark, 99% of all B2G invoices are already electronic, in either of the accepted formats. The focus of current initiatives is to improve B2B uptake and expand the use of electronic business documents up the procurement chain to orders and catalogues.

Peppol Authority

The Danish Business Authority (ERST) has the role of Peppol Authority, which means that ERST is responsible for the registration of companies that wish to become an Access Point (AP) or a Service Metadata Publisher (SMP).

ERST is also responsible for:

  • reporting
  • securing the national interests of Denmark in this context
  • aligning overarching interests in the eBusiness space with other agencies
  • quality assurance of the operators’ services
  • ensuring the long-term adoption of eProcurement, using the Peppol Network as the platform

Use of Peppol in Denmark

International suppliers may encounter requests to deliver electronic business documents in the Nemhandel OIOUBL format. The recommendation from the Danish Business Authority is to contact the recipient’s eInvoicing service provider (or equivalent in-house department). Danish e-invoicing providers are usually able and willing to convert between OIOUBL and Peppol documents.

It is mandatory for public authorities and institutions to be listed in the Danish SMP, Nemhandelsregisteret (NHR), as Peppol invoice recipients. This requires a Danish national eSignature login. For service providers that have a customer that needs to be registered in NHR but do not have such a login, the customer can register themselves using their own credentials.

Denmark currently has no local extensions to the Peppol standard. However, a number of syntax validation rules pertain specifically to Danish Parties, to ensure that fields like business registry numbers are used correctly.

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