Peppol Directory

The Peppol Directory makes it easy for Peppol End Users to find each other in the network and identify each other’s capabilities.

The Peppol Directory is a free-to-browse, open source service. You can search the Directory using one, or a combination, of the following mandatory terms:

  • Company name
  • Peppol endpoint ID
  • Country
  • Peppol document capability

and, where available, by using one of the following optional terms:

  • Additional identifiers
  • Contact details
  • Registration date
  • Website
  • Additional free text

Please note that updating of the Peppol Directory is the responsibility of Peppol SMP service providers and this process is not currently mandatory. Consequently, not every registered Peppol receiver can be found in the Directory.

If your company is already able to receive Peppol documents, but is not yet listed in the Directory, please contact your Peppol Service Provider and request that they upload your information to the Directory.

You can access the Peppol Directory here.