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eInvoicing roadmap

Gradual implementation of the B2G eInvoicing mandate enters into its last phase on 1st January 2020, with the obligation becoming applicable to all businesses dealing with the public sector.

In the meantime, the French government has codified an extension of the B2G mandate to B2B eInvoices into the 2020 Finance law. The timeline of the roll-out plan will gradually become applicable for companies depending on their size, beginning from 1st January 2023 and no later than 1st January 2025, along with a tax clearance model.

French eInvoicing portal CHORUS PRO

CHORUS PRO is accessible by any service provider, private and public organisations though EDI, API or Web portal for PDF upload meaning that, depending on their choice, organisations will be able to directly access the current CHORUS PRO.

The platform will provide a number of notifications to the sender: received, rejected, ongoing, delivered to the buyer, suspended (waiting for attachments), processed to payment etc.

The platform performs validation of files upon entry and returns an application response to the sender.

This validation is made also against mandatory fields: order reference if requested by the buyer and party identifiers. For securing routing to the recipient service every contracting authority is identified by a National SIRET number and/or a service code.

CHORUS PRO accepts basic structured formats Peppol BIS 3 invoices.

Peppol invoices are centrally managed by a single access point currently operated by PAGERO and assigned to provide support to other Peppol APs or end users.

About the use of Peppol

The following Peppol components are in use in France:

  • Transport Infrastructure (SMP/Access Point)
  • eInvoicing
  • eSignature Validation Service
  • Invoice Response
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