National context

E-Invoicing the Federal Government is mandatory since January 1st 2014. All Austrian suppliers (and foreign suppliers that have the technical means) of the Austrian Federal Government are obliged to use e-Invoices according to the Austrian ICT consolidation law (IKTKonG). The use of the Peppol Transport Infrastructure for sending e-Invoices, based on Peppol specifications, is an accepted method of e-Invoicing.

Peppol invoices can be transmitted to the Austrian Federal Government by foreign and domestic suppliers using the Peppol Transport Infrastructure. In either case, the e-Invoice is directly submitted to the accounting system of the Austrian Federal Government which triggers the same handling process.

Ministry and subordinated departments that are able to receive documents via Peppol:

Other public sector entities are being integrated (e.g. states, municipalities and government owned companies) into the invoicing solution on a voluntary basis (incl. Peppol).

Use of Peppol

The Peppol Transport Infrastructure is used for e-Invoicing the Federal government.

A centralised public Peppol Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) is currently in use.

Approximately 5000 users are enabled as Peppol receivers.

Peppol BIS 04A v2 and BIS 05A v2 (partially) are implemented in BRZ.

Peppol Service Metadata Publisher
The centralised public SMP is operated by BRZ.

Peppol support provided operated by BRZ

Onboarding support to Access Point and SMP providers
Support is only provided on a best-effort basis upon request by email, as BRZ is not a Peppol Authority.

Testing and Conformance

Test upload on for testing XML invoices prior to submission
Special test website for all features
Special test web service for testing automated invoice delivery
Special test Peppol participant identifier 9915:test (AS2)

Other support activities

Open forum:

Contact points

Bundesrechenzentrum Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
(Austrian Federal Computing Centre)

General information: Gottfried Kalckstein,

Success story

Hewlett Packard and the Austrian Government connected via Peppol


Latest Updated 2nd of May 2022