OpenPeppol provides a service desk whereby visitors can raise an online request for support using one of the following ticket types:
  • PKI Certificates
  • Change requests
  • General support
  • Bug reporting
  • Compliance issue reporting
  • Test and onboarding

A Service Desk Guide covering each of the ticket types can found in the Library. Please read the Service Desk Guide before raising a ticket.

Click here to go to the Service Desk to raise a ticket.

OpenPeppol provides the following guidance to assist new Service Providers:
  • Access Point Implementation guide
  • OpenPeppol Public Key Infrastructure – AP and SMP certificates
  • Links to software:
    • Open Source Access Point implementations
    • Closed source or hosted AS4 implementations
    • Service Metadata Publisher implementations

The above guidance can be found in the Library. Please go to the Technical Library to find links to a range of implementation options, together with further information on Peppol Specifications and Tools.

OpenPeppol provides a centralised Testbed platform

The Peppol Testbed has a dual function

  • Provide the authoritative point of reference for assessing and verifying technical conformance to the Peppol specifications, thereby completing one of the requirements for certifying Service Providers and allowing them to enter the Peppol Network
  • Provide a self-assessment environment where Service Providers can test their technical conformance to Peppol specifications as and when they see fit.

A, Functionality

The Peppol Testbed includes the following test suites:

  1. Accreditation: How to become a Certified Service Provider

Service Providers need to pass the tests included in this test suite to obtain a production PKI certificate. Service Providers should refer to the guidance documentation mentioned below.

A successful test report from as a result of executing this test suite should be obtained by the Service Provider and used as supporting evidence for their request to be issued a production PKU certificate.

2. Reporting Specification Conformance

The new Reporting Mechanism is being built by OpenPeppol and the specifications for the End User Statistics Reporting and the Transaction Statistics Reporting specification have already been published.

Service Providers can use this suite as of now, to test if they have successfully implemented these specifications. A positive test will ensure a correct exchange with the Reporting Mechanism, which will be available for beta testing soon. Information on when the Reporting Mechanism will go into production will come later this year.

B. Documentation

To assist Service Providers with the tests for both suites, the following documents are available:

  • The Environment Description documents provide a more detailed description of the available test cases.
  • The User Guide documents provide a guide on how to use each test suite user interface, as well as the key steps in carrying out the various test cases.

These documents are available in each test suite under the tab ‘Documentation’. They are also available below in this page.

C. Access and Usage

The Testbed suites with included documents are accessible via

To be able to use the new Testbed, Service Providers are authenticated by using the PKI client authentication. Therefore, Service Providers must have obtained a Peppol PKI AP – Test Certificate, and have it imported in their browser’s keystore in order to access the new test suites and test cases. This requirement remains the same as in the previous version of the Testbed.

Any further questions in regard to the new Testbed may be submitted via the Peppol Service Desk. at:


The Peppol Directory makes it easy for Peppol End Users to find each other in the network and identify each other’s capabilities.

The Peppol Directory is a free-to-browse, open source service. You can search the Directory using one, or a combination, of the following mandatory terms:

  • Company name
  • Peppol endpoint ID
  • Country
  • Peppol document capability

and, where available, by using one of the following optional terms:

  • Additional identifiers
  • Contact details
  • Registration date
  • Website
  • Additional free text

Please note that updating of the Peppol Directory is the responsibility of Peppol SMP service providers and this process is not currently mandatory. Consequently, not every registered Peppol receiver can be found in the Directory.

If your company is already able to receive Peppol documents, but is not yet listed in the Directory, please contact your Peppol Service Provider and request that they upload your information to the Directory.

You can access the Peppol Directory here.

Find all related library content here