A Peppol Authority (PA) is allowed to define Peppol Authority Specific Requirements (PASR) applicable to the use of the Peppol Network within its jurisdiction.

PASR apply automatically across the Peppol Network to all Service Providers that offer services (have sender and/or receiver customers) located within the jurisdiction of a Peppol Authority.

As set out in chapter 7 of the Internal Regulations for Use of the Peppol Network, a Peppol Authority that wishes to define new PASR (or amend existing PASR) must read the PASR operational procedures and follow the guidance provided. Note that new and amended PASR require approval by the OpenPeppol Managing Committee.

Not all Peppol Authorities have defined PASR. All currently applicable PASR can be found in the table below. Click on the specific country authority below to view and/or download a copy of each PASR: