Testbed 2.0 Beta Release

Testbed 2.0 is released with new functionalities that include test suites for:

  • SMP testing
  • BIS testing on selected Post-award documents
  • Enhanced and improved eDelivery testing

If you are open for intensive testing within the next 4 weeks please contact us by sending a mail to openpeppol@peppol.eu. You will become part of a closed group expected to perform tests, give feedback, and interact with the Testbed 2.0 more closely.
Once the final functionality is verified, we will introduce the new testbed, for replacing the current one in Q1, 2023.

You can access the testbed beta at acceptance deployment here: https://www.testbedng.acc.peppol.eu/.

Documents will include:

  • Environment description document (available)
  • User-guide documentation (in progress)

Kind regards,
OpenPeppol AISBL