May 2023 release of the Peppol Post-Award artefact

Dear members of the Post-Award Community,

The May 2023 release of the Peppol Post-Award artefacts (BIS documents and validation artefacts) has been published, to be implemented by all Service Providers from August 2023. 

All changes in this release are mandatory from Monday, 7 August 2023. Therefore, today is the start of the implementation period for the release.

PLEASE NOTE: Until 6 August 2023, the current version (from the November 2022 release) remains mandatory for all Service Providers.
Please prepare all implementation and support as soon as possible to be ready for the mandatory deadline on 7 August, when all changes take effect.

This release from Peppol includes changes to code lists and the mandatory validation artefacts for all published Peppol BIS 3.0 documents. For details about changes in this release, consult the release notes.

For Billing: 
For other BIS: 

Kind regards,
OpenPeppol AISBL